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RIAI CPD Links: Joseph Walsh Studio -  Decoding Craftsmanship


Friday, March 24, 2017


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Joseph Walsh Studio, Fartha, Riverstick, Co Cork


€150 per day (50% discount for IDA Members)

Event Information

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Programme Objectives:

A collection of talks and workshops on how emeging technol¬ogies can enable a new form of Maker culture. It will focus on the relationship between material and making, and the use of digital tools in conceiving and fabricating products.

Advances in CAD/CAM technology has democratised pro¬duction and allowed designers to create increasingly com¬plex forms, but it has also resulted in a physical rift between the maker and the made object.
This event will explore how software can successfully merge with a heritage of making to create a new form of maker culture.

Learning Outcomes:

This workshop proposes to go beyond an introductory level of rhino and Grasshopper to demonstrate a workflow for;

- Generating forms
- Inputting material properties for Finite Element Analysis
- Outputting for Fabrication through crafts and CNC manufacturing.

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