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DESIGN@UL Exhibition: Architecture / Product Design/ Technology Education


Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Exhibition Opening: 7pm Tuesday 23 May 2017


10 Roches Street, Limerick City (formerly Helene Modes)



Event Information

Exhibition remains open to the public from 24 May to 2 June  10am to 4pm daily

Venue: 10 Roches Street, Limerick City (formerly Helene Modes)

UL is proud to launch the annual Design@ul exhibition which explores how various strands of design can be brought together. Now in its sixth year it showcases the creativity and innovation of five design-oriented courses at the University of Limerick; Architecture, Civil Engineering, Product Design, Materials & Architectural Technology and Computer Science & Information Systems. The presented work covers a wide range of media such as models, text, hand and computer-aided drawing, photographs, prototypes and sketchbooks.

For further information email Sylvia.Carroll@ul.ie

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